Why Is My Upstairs Colder than My Downstairs?

Why Is My Upstairs Colder than My Downstairs?

Why Is My Upstairs Colder than My Downstairs?

Uneven heat output in your home forcing you to bundle up indoors? Your system’s energy efficiency may be taking a hit even while you freeze.

Some homes have an energy efficiency problem that’s most noticeable during the coldest (or hottest) days of the year. If you’re watching your utility bill climb and are still having to dress in layers – and maybe even wrapping yourself in a scarf of blanket to stay warm at home – you’ve probably got one of these two problems.

Could Be a Zoning Issue

One factor that may be affecting the overall temperature in your home is its zoning. Zoning determines how the air is forced into different rooms in your home. Those that have a home that is heated and cooled in zones may end up feeling cold and hot spots that can make a home uncomfortable. Many homeowners upgrade to a zoned system so they can control which parts of their homes are heated and cooled more precisely. This is an excellent option if you have rooms in your home that you rarely use.

A common mistake homeowners make is closing off the vents in unused rooms, thinking that’ll help save energy and keep the house’s most-used rooms more comfortable. The fact is, all that does is make the blower and system work harder – and ultimately leads to more wear and tear on the system. Don’t do that!

Could Be an Insulation Problem

Say for instance you have an older home that does not have much insulation, there are going to be pockets of space that do not retain heat. It is crucial that homes be evenly insulated to help insure that heating and cooling is evenly retained throughout your home. A lack of insulation can very easily affect the overall temperature of your home. In fact, insulation is one of the main factors when it comes to inconsistent heating and cooling in a home.

If you can’t troubleshoot your hot and cold spot problem on your own, you’re not only suffering unnecessary discomfort – you’re also tanking your system’s energy efficiency. MJ Frick can help, just contact us or call us at (615) 249-8824.