Club Details in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, TN and the Surrounding Areas

Greater Nashville Best HVAC Maintenance Club by M.J. Frick

Protect your home or business with the industry’s best HVAC Maintenance Club through M.J. Frick. That’s right, we know of no other Maintenance Club anywhere in the country that offers more comprehensive coverage at such a low monthly fee.

Service Levels

The Frick Maintenance Club is arranged in three levels.

BenefitsLevel 3Level 2Level 1
Maintenance every 6 months
Priority service
15% discount on HVAC repairs
24-hour emergency service
Yearly water heater flush (1)
Drains, lines, fixtures inspection
15% off plumbing repairs
Humidifier sanitation (1)
Humidifier water filter (included)

Monthly Fee

There is a monthly fee for each of the three levels of service noted above. Prices are subject to change, so please contact M.J. Frick for pricing details. We will arrange for your credit card to be charged on the 25th of each month for the monthly payment.

Is It Worth It to be a Maintenance Club Member?

Some people may find it difficult to answer that question. But we think that if you ask our club membership, you’ll find that most of our members have been subject, at one time or another, to a household calamity brought on by the failure of one of their HVAC systems, and the costly repair bills that follow. Those folks have learned the hard way that a Maintenance Club membership is a wise investment in the comfort of their families.

Call Frick today to discuss our Maintenance Club details. Call 615.431.8095 now to find out about the money-saving benefits of the Frick Maintenance Club membership.