I’m Adding on to My Home, Do I Need a Bigger HVAC System?

I’m Adding on to My Home, Do I Need a Bigger HVAC System?

I’m Adding on to My Home, Do I Need a Bigger HVAC System?

Home improvements and upgrades might mean a new heating/cooling system is in your future.

Heating and cooling systems are size-specific, so if you are making home improvements and upgrades you might need a unit better suited to your space requirements.

There are two main factors when trying to determine if an upgrade is necessary. This decision depends on the square footage of the equation and the efficiency of space as it relates to proper circulation.

If the addition to your home changes the shape of airflow, you may need a more powerful system to propel hot or cool air to all parts of your living space. Likewise, if there is a significant increase in the size of your home, you may need a more powerful HVAC system. It’s possible that zoning your house could also improve energy efficiency.

Most large houses are zoned no matter what size or style of heating and cooling system they have. Zoning refers to the implementation of dual thermostats in a single space, so that each one controls the temperature in different parts of the house. Don’t throw money at a needless cause – when part of the house isn’t inhabited, it doesn’t make sense to pay for temperature control.

Expanding the size of your home doesn’t have to mean expanding the size of your bills. To avoid long term cost increases, make sure you upgrade your system along with your home. Matching unit size can be a tough call – get in touch with an expert for a home analysis if you have specific follow up questions.

If you are planning to make home improvements and upgrades; our professional team at MJ Frick is here to answer your questions.