How Long Will My HVAC System Last?

How Long Will My HVAC System Last?

How Long Will My HVAC System Last?

Maintenance agreements can give the gifts of long life and prosperity to your heating and cooling unit.

You don’t need a fortune cookie to predict the future when you have a maintenance agreement. With regular inspections from experienced technicians, your HVAC system will be pampered and pristine.

Because your heating and cooling unit is such an important investment, it pays to take preventative maintenance measures seriously. A maintenance agreement is the best insurance on a long-term investment, offering protection from general wear and tear and ensuring better performance efficiency as time goes by.

Don’t Self-Sabotage!

Many homeowners lead busy lives, and that means that certain chores get overlooked or forgotten from time to time. Unfortunately, neglecting your HVAC unit will only create more inconveniences in your future – potentially hiking your utility bills and compromising the life span of your unit. A maintenance agreement takes care of the yearly upkeep by guaranteeing regularly scheduled visits from a professional technician. These visits can pinpoint potential problems and fix them before they escalate.

Propensity for Efficiency

If your unit runs like a well-oiled machine, you will stay cooler for fewer bucks this summer. The harder your unit has to work to do its job, the higher your bills will run. It’s simple math! A maintenance agreement means regular spa days for your unit, and all the fabulous indulgences from clean air filters to professional massages (ok, maybe not the massages).

The truth is a maintenance agreement is much more than a luxury. It’s a necessity in order to have an HVAC system that runs optimally year-round.

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