Is a Gas Furnace Right for Your Home?

Is a Gas Furnace Right for Your Home?

Is a Gas Furnace Right for Your Home?

What should you consider when evaluating if a gas heater is right for your home?

As January settles in, chilly homeowners are discussing home improvements and upgrades, including evaluating purchasing a gas furnace. Here are some helpful points to consider:

Efficiency Matters

The first question to consider is efficiency. All new furnaces are rated on their level of efficiency. Most newer gas furnaces having ratings between 89% and 98%. Regardless of percentages, all new furnaces are significantly more energy efficient than models dating back 10 years or more, some by up to 30%.

Consider the Pros and Cons

Gas Furnaces:

While natural gas furnaces rate higher in efficiency and their fuel costs are less, your home must be in an area where natural gas is accessible. Thankfully, natural gas is readily available in the Nashville area.

Natural gas furnaces do not require a ton of maintenance, because of their high efficiency ratings. However, we recommend having your gas furnace serviced at least annually to ensure it runs as well as it should and to prevent potential breakdowns.

Gas furnaces are quieter and cleaner, meaning you can enjoy a comfortable home all winter long without the interruption of messy fuel or loud system noises.

Though gas furnaces are often more expensive to purchase, their efficiency helps you save more on your energy bill. Over time, these savings—along with any rebates available for updating to an efficient furnace—more than offset the initial cost.

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