Why Does It Feel Dry in My Home during Winter?

Why Does It Feel Dry in My Home during Winter?

Why Does It Feel Dry in My Home during Winter?

It’s possible to get comfortable and maintain energy efficiency through the holidays.

The holidays almost always provide a perfect storm of variables that mean you are sacrificing on energy efficiency, comfort, or utility bills. You have grandparents staying in the guest bedroom, so you crank the heat up to please them. But then your kids complain that their skin is dry and itchy. So you plunk a humidifier in the hallway and try not to envision the outrageous energy bill you’ll be getting at the end of the month. But what if there was a way to please everyone and avoid going bankrupt on your energy bills?

Consider these two steps to make it all happen this year:

Humidity Control

Keeping moisture in the air is essential during cold weather. Many people crank up the heat before they get into bed because they think it will be cozy, but in reality the extreme heating dries out the air and causes extreme discomfort. This can affect skin health, respiratory health, and have a big impact on sinus conditions. Plus, air that doesn’t have moisture is harder to heat. This means humidifiers are an important element of winter heating if you want to keep costs down.

Supplemental Action

You can stay warm without running your thermostat into the stratosphere. Investing in small space heaters will reduce the need for overtaxing the main system and minimize dry air blowing through your house. Electric blankets are also great resources, providing a toasty bed but having no impact on the air temperature and humidity level throughout the night. And while it may seem counter -intuitive to turn the fan on for warmth, ceiling and floor fans can actually be very helpful in circulating warm air. This gives your central heating system a break and allows humidity levels to stabilize.

Want a cozy home without breaking the bank this holiday season? Contact MJ Frick to learn how you can find the perfect balance of humidity control and energy efficiency in your home.