Why Is My Air Conditioning Running All the Time?

Why Is My Air Conditioning Running All the Time?

Why Is My Air Conditioning Running All the Time?

Energy efficiency is a hot topic for cool homeowners.

Energy efficiency isn’t just a bunch of hot air – temperature control can be an important investment for the finance conscious homeowner. But how can you cut cost corners without sacrificing comfort? The eternal question!

If your air conditioner is seemingly on an operational overdrive, you need to rein in that runaway appliance! Some air conditioners start to work overtime when the summer heats up. It might be that your air conditioner is running constantly just to stay at 75 degrees. If that’s the case, here are a few culprits to consider:

Evaporators Coil: If this component of a cooling unit gets dirty it can impair overall efficiency. When houses have high ceilings or particularly large rooms, an air conditioner has to work harder to maintain even cooling. This strain can create more buildup on the evaporator coil over time. Regular maintenance inspections can prevent this from occurring.

Filter: Some filters that are designed to keep extra seasonal allergens out of your home can reduce airflow and overall system efficiency. A dirty filter can also become problematic; so make sure to clean or replace filters on a regular basis to avoid this problem.

Insulation and Windows: Insufficient insulation is one of the most common causes of an overworked and inefficient heating and cooling unit. Hot and cold air can escape from interior spaces through windows, doorways, and attics if they aren’t properly closed. This means your cooling unit will be embarking on an exercise in futility, and constantly working to maintain a cool temperature in the house.

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