Why Does My Basement Have a Funny Smell?

Why Does My Basement Have a Funny Smell?

Why Does My Basement Have a Funny Smell?

Energy efficiency isn’t just a great way to save on bills – it can also improve the performance of your heating and cooling system.

When you have a basement, you know energy efficiency for humidity and temperature control are paramount. These two elements can wreak havoc on the rest of the house if they aren’t monitored closely. One of the worst consequences to improper basement care is a pervasive olfactory punishment, otherwise known as a funky smell. It rises to the top of the list where undesirable sensory attacks are concerned. Worse than locker rooms, worse than smelly socks, or hot garbage! That’s because it’s situated right beneath your home and can seep into living spaces if not carefully contained.

Here’s what you can do:

Proper Ventilation
Enclosed spaces need ventilation, but not every HVAC unit is equipped to circulate air in these kinds of places. Humidity and moisture emitted from the ground can become trapped in a stuffy basement and begin to worsen. A window unit with fan to vent out the stale air is a popular easy fix, but it’s not always enough where intense odor is a concern.

Go to the Source
Covering up the exposed source of moisture near your basement might help contain the spread of the smell. Wet soil can be covered with mulch and gravel to help curb any intense odors and prevent them from being trapped in your basement.

Dehumidify and Heat Up
If the air itself in your basement is dank, a good way to eliminate moisture is to combat the cool dark space with heat. If it’s possible, let in as much natural light as you can. Sunshine will chase away the coolness and bring a natural balance to humidity levels. If that’s not possible, a small dehumidifier will pull moisture directly from the air and can be kept running regularly for a very minimal cost.

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