Smart homeowners protect their heating and air conditioning systems when the seasons begin to change.

MJ Frick Co.Inc.

A heating and air conditioning system to rely on is nothing to sneeze at. Literally, you won’t sneeze as much with a cozy home to keep you warm and happy in the cold months. While it can sometimes be a hassle to deal with maintenance to keep things running smoothly, we can all be thankful we aren’t dealing with building fires like the cavemen.

Here are a few ways to make sure you get the best performance out of your system this winter:

Insulation Nation

It won’t matter how hard your heating system works if your home isn’t properly insulated. Insulation will help you retain heat and actually relieve your heating system of doing unnecessary extra work. The attic is an important area to fortify, since hot air rises, but the entire house can benefit from this process. Protection against heat loss can save money on your utility bills and extend the life of your HVAC unit.

Invest in Smart Thermostats

Programmable thermostats give you more control over temperature regulation. You can set a timer so that the heating system automatically shuts off when you are at work during the day, or customize the unit to only heat certain rooms in the house.

Filter Maintenance

Before the worst of the cold weather kicks into high gear, make sure you switch your old filter for a new one. Not only are dust and other debris hazardous to respiratory health, they can block the ducts and make it difficult for your heating system to operate efficiently.

Are you interested in making sure your heating and air condition system is winter-ready? If so, get in touch with a qualified professional from M.J. Frick Co. today.